Our Wedding Video | Arlene & Tricky


We were driving home after traveling, stuck in rush hour traffic, when I heard a little “ding” alert come from my phone. It was a text message from Mike Kamper, our videographer for our destination wedding. The text message read:

“Hello. I just emailed the link to your wedding film. Not sure if you are still traveling or not. But I wanted to let you know it’s waiting for you to watch. 😄”

I wanted to scream in joy when I read his text and tell Tricky the exciting news right away! But I looked at him, flustered and mumbling away, as he stared at the road of dead-stop-traffic. So I decided to save the excitement and suggested that we stop by his parents house first before we went home.

His mom made us a delicious meal. Oh my goodness, super yummy! Just the thought of her cooking makes me salivate right now. I had announced that I wanted to watch a movie after we finished dinner. “Sure!” They all said.

As I turned on the TV to prepare for this movie..
Tricky asked me: “what are we going to watch?
I said to him: “It’s a Love Story.”

With that said, here is the movie that I played below. Our Wedding Video.

I can’t even begin to tell you the feelings we had when we watched it for the first time together. I cried. As we watched the video, I took a couple peeks at Tricky and saw his eyes well up.

Watching this video makes us so happy! We fall in love all over again every single time.

Mike & Alison Kamper, our wedding videographers from Happy Kamper Films did such an amazing job at capturing our love story! It was such a joy to work with them and so happy to call them our new friends. They are a husband and wife duo, who understand the meaning of love and it truly shows in their work.




Venue: RIU Ocho Rios || Photographer: James Berglie
2nd Photographer: Sirin Samman || Videographer: Happy Kamper Films
Wedding Dress: Designed by your Bride || Wedding Invitations: Arlene & Tricky
Floral Crown: Arlene & Tricky || Bouquet: Arlene & Tricky || Bow Ties: Arlene & Tricky